Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zedge on creating personalized ringtones for your phones

Are you bored of you phone’s pre-existing ringtones? Do you wish to personalize your own phone by downloading new ringtones? Well, you are not alone. There are more individuals who have the same problem as yours. This has been noted by Zedge ringtones. Downloading can be an easy task nowadays. Read on.

With millions of existing mobile users, websites such as Zedge ringtones and Ringtonesmash are noticing that there is also an increasing demand for mobile ringtones. People here and there are creating their own ringtones by clipping or splitting existing music files to create a new one. This is always possible since the onset of mobile technological advancements.

How to customize your own ringtone? First thing you need to do is download music of any genre. This can be done via the internet. Another option is to copy music from your CD to your computer or laptop. Note that when copying from the CD, copying and pasting it may not work. However, you can use the Media Player or Real Player in this case. Then, you can change the file format to mp3 file.

Once you already have it in your phone, you can transfer the mp3 files to your cellular phone. How are you going to transfer these files to your phone? No need to worry. All you have to do is to enable the Bluetooth of your phone or you can also use the USB cord. Moreover, you also have the option to email the edited file to your phone if it is internet enabled.

Once the files have been transferred to your phone, those can be readily used as ringtones. Zedge ringtones can always help you out if you have any further queries regarding phone ringtones and other mobile related issues.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Zedge talks on acquiring free ringtones

There are many opinions made by many mobile users that they find it hard in searching for a free ringtone download. But there is a website, which is Zedge, which caters for a free of charge ringtone downloads. Not one, not two, but more ringtone of your choice and liking for you to have. Take note that in this website it is legally done.

Given that you are never a choosy type of mobile user, you have millions of choices to choose from. It is never an option to have but rather a gift for you since it is only for free. You never get to pay for every download you get in websites such as Zedge. This is really amazing. Who does not want free downloads?
Every one in this economic situation, wherein a global economic turndown is reflected on us, is always wanting for something that is wallet friendly and eases of spending. This ringtone download by Zedge is a solution. This website is one of a number of sites which does not charge any downloads since it doe not involve any royalty from downloads or if outside the copyright domain such as the ringtones based on classical music. Another thing is that, even if the website obtains the rights of the popular music, the thing that makes it free for the website, perhaps, is based on their user donations and generated income through advertisements.
For first time downloaders, it is never hard to find a website that hosts free legal ringtone downloads. One way to be guided is reading through the reviews posted in ringtonesmash aside from exploring the website of Zedge.